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Je cherche carte graphic sdr ddr 256ram pixal shader 3.0 merci

mon system pentium 4 2.8 ghz. 2 gb ram pc3200 200mhz ddr sdram, carte mere gigabyte ga-8s648fxm2, radeon 9800xt 256mo agp.
je m excuse pour ma francaise !!! je suis un anglais je ve par changer mon system juste ameliorer mon pc o maximum.
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Salut, si c’est pour un upgrade de carte graphique, je te conseille la 3850,…


Nice !!! An English person on this forum !!! I’ve always dreamed to write a complete post in English here :stuck_out_tongue: Now I’ve got a reason to do it :wink:

Your board has an AGP x8 port. So we don’t have the choice, we must get an ATi GPU in AGP x8 format.

The best current GPU available in AGP format is the ATi HD3850 from SapphireTech.…

But I think you’ll be CPU limited with this graphics board. I mean here that your CPU doesn’t operate fast enough to “follow” the GPU’s performance since your platform and your system is pretty old.

Sure, it could be a good upgrade, but I don’t think it worths the money regarding the age of the entire system.

Pour pas me faire chialer dessus, je vais quand meme faire la traduction :

La board est en format AGP. Il va donc faloir acheter un GPU au format AGP x8

La meilleure du moment est la HD3850.

On va par contre etre CPU limited avec une telle board je crois vu l’age du systeme.
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great it becomes alot easier 4 me, the main problem is the ram of the graphics card i need simple ddr sdram not ddr2 or 3, also i’ve looked on the gigabyte site all i can find is a mother board very similar 2 mine gigabyte ga-8s648fxm not the gigabyte ga-8s648fxm2 the difference is at the end the n° 2 does not appear but is states that it is compatible with hyper threading !!
plus your Enlish is very good
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the RAM of graphics card can be different of the motherboard RAM

The graphics card RAM are use by the GPU and not by the motherboard
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The VRAM ( RAM that is on the graphics board ) has nothing to do with the main system RAM ( PC-3200 in your case ). There’s no compatibility problems. It’s only a type of onbard graphics RAM.

The HyperThreading capability is not very important here. This Intel’s feature won’t boost the performances by a coefficient of 10. Yes, this feature improves global synthetic performances, but the platform’s architecture is simply outdated. A Pentium IV simply cannot “support” the speed of a newer GPU. Actually, the system can physically handle the HD3850 AGP board, but the CPU, as I said in my last post, cannot calculate fast enough to follow the GPU’s performance. This fact can be translated by almost no improvements in high-end games that need the latest CPU features to operate faster and more efficiently. So even if you get a great graphics board, the game, which also need CPU calculation power, cannot operate as fast as it can because it’s slowed down by the CPU and the rest of the components.

Personally, I would not invest my money into that king of machine. For 500-600 euros ( don’t really know the equivalent in sterling pound ), you can fin a very powerful gaming machine. I would rather invest my money to get a new AM3 platform which is future-oriented and where you can find great performance for the buck.

Même si je peux comprendre que le français ne soit pas une langue facile ici il s’agit d’un forum français alors merci de parler français :jap: (des forums en anglais il y en a plein sur le Web)

[quote="mark65"] great it becomes alot easier 4 me [/quote] Please speak french or go looking for help on english forums, thanks :jap:

so just 4 future reference if i understand correctly the system ram has nothing 2do with the graphics card ram so if iwas 2 buy a pc with ddr2 i could use a card with ddr3 or higher ?

Mark65, send me private messages if you want. As we can see, these frenchies don’t like our favorite language :wink: So if you need more help with your situation, you just have to send me private message and I’ll see if I can help you :slight_smile:

You last post is right. You can buy a system motherboad that supports DDR2 system RAM ( PC2-6400 for exemple ) with a graphics board that has GDDR5 memory. :slight_smile:
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sorry i thought that forums were open to anyone and did not discriminate between nationality, race or gender !!! sorry if you are offended.
je suis desole ci vous etre offenser? !!!
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you stated earlier am3 platform ? what is that

Personally, I make fun of it, me understands English but a French forum and it is so that French understand

The AM3 platform is the newest platform available and also the one that offers the best performances from the manufacturer AMD. It represents the latest innovations from AMD. Presently, it’s the system that has the best future for improvements and upgrades on a long term period.

To continue this discussion, please, private message me before everybody on this forum hates me !! :wink:
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This is not a discrimination, english people are welcome here as well as anybody on the earth :), but they have to speak french.
I’m just doing my job

Ce n’est pas de la discrimination, tout le monde est le bienvenu ici à partir du moment où ils parlent français.
Je ne fais que mon travail


I hate you not, me :paf:

Hein ?

Y’a parler en anglais et bafouiller en anglais … Ce dernier post, je dirais plus que c’est du bafouillage…

This is a good idea :jap:

I do not hate you, me

aaaa ok la je comprends :wink: lol :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Il y a une sacré différence entre répondre à quelqu’un qui pose une question en anglais et répondre en anglais a quelqu’un qui pose une question en français.

Dans le premier cas, rien a dire, dans le second en revanche, c’est à la limite de la moquerie: Si la personne qui a posé la question ne comprend pas l’anglais, la réponse ne sert à rien.

En outre, je me permets de rappeller que les forums de Clubic sont des forums francophones. :jap:

Il y a bien entendu une tolérance, mais répondre en anglais à une question posée en français, pour moi ça ne passe pas.

Si des forumeurs souhaitent réagir à mon message, merci de le faire en MP. (pour ne pas détourner le sujet. )