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Fallout 3: Dansons sous les retombées radioactives (page 28)

J’ai pris le dernier, le 1.6 il me semble et celui qui s’installe automatiquement. De toute façon, j’ai suivi ton lien plus haut.
Je viens de penser à un truc : de mémoire, à l’installation, il propose plusieurs options à cocher, dont la compatibilité avec certains DLC. Par défaut je les ai laissé coché, car il est possible que je les achète prochainement mais ne serait-ce pas ça qui fout le bordel puisqu’actuellement je n’en ai installé aucun ?

Tu devrais tenté de décocher. :smiley:

je vais le tenter :jap:

Avec un peu de retard, sortie de la version 5.5 du mod Arwen.
[spoiler]*** Requires Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) v.1.1 or later : []…

  • If for some reason you do not want to use FOSE, you can still use earlier versions of my Realism Tweaks (v.3.3 and earlier)
  • Can be installed in an existing game, but works best with a new game, where all the changes will have the greatest effect. My Hard-Core module may cause some issues when used with saved games that have progressed beyond the first few levels (due to major skill point reductions and the perk changes).
  • My Realism Tweaks now consists of 4 modules, plus several bundled compatibility patches.

Here are the major changes in v.5.5:

  • Updated my “Realism Tweaks User Guide” Word doc.
  • Better synced initialization of all 4 modules; with should now be more compatible with alternate start mods that allow you to skip the tutorial.
    *** Realism Core:
  • Options Menu: My three Weapon Effects are now initially disabled, due to the way that my modules are now initialized. Combat Difficulty part: made it clearer (I hope) that disabling Crippled Penalties just allows you to equip two-handed non-melee weapons when an arm is crippled. (All my other Crippled Weapon penalties will still apply: No VATS, lower melee damage, and poor accuracy with pistols.)
  • Added another condition check to my RunBack script that should prevent any crippling/healing of legs.
  • Fixed Generic Script changes that were causing Intense Training Perk problems, for users who were not using my Hard-Core module.
  • No PipBoy During Combat now disabled by default, and I changed the cycle-down from right arrow key to C key, and cycle-up from left arrow key to X key (the arrow keys were conflicting with my Encumbrance Stain HUD display). To try to fix the CTD issue, I split off the cycle hotkey part into separate script. Turning off Auto-Saves will reduce CTDs, but this may still cause problems for some users (which is why I disabled it by default).
  • Weapon Effects: Minor improvements to Gunshot and Whack scripts. And, when “No PipBoy During Combat” is enabled, if blasted (or whacked) with a weapon out, it is now returned to your inventory instead of being dropped (allows you to access this weapon during combat, through the cycle keys).
    *** Hard-Core module:
  • Weapon Ability Quest script: Fixed the conditional check so that Laser Pistol and Mesmetron can now be equipped, even if you have low energy weapons skills.
  • Fortune Finder Perk: your Luck stat now determines how many additional caps you will find.
  • Scrounger Perk: your Luck stat now determines the amount of additional ammo you will find.
  • Strong Back and Life Giver Perks: add gender differences to the bonus increases (for all three ranks of each).
  • Dynamic Respawn Rates for zones: now range from 24 to 108 hours, based on Timescale setting (default game respawn rate is 72). A 4 Timescale = 36 hour rate (every 1.5 days) and a 12 Timescale = 108 hour rate (every 4.5 days).
  • Added new initialization script: When beginning a new game, or when loading a saved game in which you are still at level 1 or 2, my Hare-Core Quest will reset you number of SPECIAL points to 35; plus you will have to select your tagged skills again (since you may want to reconsider these, after seeing the results of my Skill Points reductions). In a new game, this may be a bit of a pain . . . but this is the only way that I can make this work with older saved games (and with alternate start mods that skip the tutorial).
    *** Encumbrance module:
  • Strain rates were rebalanced, using slower delay time (most noticeable when jumping and swinging a melee weapon).
  • Now if player collapses with weapon out, it is returned to your inventory, instead of being dropped (which was a pain if you were using my no-Pip-Boy-during-combat option).
    *** Med-Tec module:
  • Fixed an error in the Doctor’s Quest, that prevented crippled legs from receiving the correct percentage of healing.
  • Fixed the Sleeping bug that sometimes resulted in CDT and/or miscalculated the sleeping restoration (multiple 1-hour naps should now work correctly).
  • Bandages are now removed when Wound Level or Burn Level is less than 2 (when Bandage Time has dropped to 0 and the player is not in combat). Also reduced the additional bandage time when additional bandages are applied to wounds/burns.
  • To make the injuries a bit less confusing, Blood Loss and Moderate & Severe Wounds Effects were renamed: to Bleeding Wounds, Moderate & Severe Blood Loss.
  • Tourniquets can now only be used when you have a Bleeding Wound, only remain on for 1 game hour, and no longer heal the wound, but just temporarily reduce it by 3 Wound Levels. Once the hour is up, the tourniquet is removed (used up) and the wound increases by 3 Wound Levels (due to blood flow increase).
  • Changes to Additional Stats: No longer displays condition of limbs (which often didnâ??t work correctly), but now displays Burn Bandage Time, Tourniquet Time, and Crash Time.
  • Injuries are now a bit less harsh than in previous versions and healing is a bit quicker. Blood loss is now a bit slower and bandages are now more effective.
  • New dynamic self healing rate: based on your current Endurance: 5 END results in an average healing rate; 1 END is 40% slower; and 10 END is 50% faster.
  • HP Regen is now a bit faster, but no regeneration when Wound Level 2 or higher (like in v.5.4); NOR when Thirsty [Water Need 14], Hungry [Food Need 6], or Very Tired [Sleep Need 10].
  • Needs were rebalanced and Sleep and Water Needs were increased from three levels of degree, to four (added Dying Of Thirst, and Delirious). The penalties were altered somewhat, and the HP damage penalties are now dynamic (slowly continues to increase as thirst, hunger and sleep increases).
  • Water Need is now Dynamic: your basic requirement is 2 ounces/game hour (48 oz./day), but your rate will increase by 50% (3 oz/hr) when you are outdoors in the heat of the day (9am to 6pm, when sunny), and decrease by 50% (1 oz./hr) when you are sleeping . . . unless you are sleeping outdoors, in the heat of the day (2 oz/hr).
  • New Jolt Effect: is attached to Nuka Colas, which reduces your sleep by 1 or 2 hours each (up to a maximum of -6 hours Sleep). When the Jolt effect wears off, you Crash big time (your Sleep Need immediately increases by the full reduced sleep amount). Your Crash Time is displayed in your Med-Tec Scanner (under Additional Health/Needs Stats): this gives the remaining game hours before the Jolt effect wears off.
  • Bottle Refills were rebalanced (in ounces, RADs, and HP damage), including drinking directly from activators. Plus you should now be able to drink from most surface water (but will damage your health and is high in RADS). Added half bottles for Pure and Good Water . . . now you will only drink half the amount per use.
  • Eating fruit now includes +1 water (and still +1 Food).
  • Food Need is also now Dynamic: your personal Food Need is based on your Permanent Strength and Endurance. An average PC (5 STR, 5 END) requires 9.6 Food Units every 24 game hours (0.4 unit/hour). [A 4 STR, 4 END character requires 8.4 Food/day; a 6 STR, 6 END character requires 10.8 Food/day.]
  • New restock script, and additional placement, should hopefully result in more bandages being available from the Doctors and from most merchants (including the caravan traders).
    *** Med-Tec GOTY Patch:
  • Adjusted the added beverages to the changes in my Med-Tec module.
    *** Realism Core GOTY Patch:
  • Chinese Stealth Armor Rebalance: “Stealth Armor Enchantment Effect” (Operation: Anchorage): Damage Resistance is now reduced by 10 points while you are sneaking (when the Stealth Chameleon Effect is on).


1.) PLEASE follow my installation/update instructions carefully! If you don’t uninstall correctly or reinstall correctly, you will likely severely mess up your game.
2.) If you install my Encumbrance module, you also NEED to follow my “Encumbrance module’s Strain Meter HUD Setup” instructions or my Strain meter will not appear in your HUD.
3.) My Hard-Core module is best used in a new game (not required if you are just updating). If you add this module to an existing game (beyond Level 2 or 3) your skills are going to take a major hit. How much depends on what perks and skill books you have used.
4.) My Realism Tweaks are meant to be used together . . . my FULL Tweaks are only experienced when you install all 4 modules (and enable everything in my Options Menu). My Realism Core module is mandatory! The other 3 modules are optional, but they will not work properly without the Realism Core.


For me, a RPG is more realistic when I can role-play without having to work at it. My goal has always been to make FO3 more immersive and more realistic within the context of Fallout’s alternate reality (which is a place where radiation causes mutations as often as death, and where injuries can be healed with a stimpack injection). Since FO3 is actually supposed to be a RPG and not a FPS, I also made changes to enhance the RPG aspects of the game. Your Skills and Stats are now much more important in how your game will play out for you. If you install my Hard-Core module, you will discover that your distribution of SPECIAL points is MUCH more important than it was in the default game, and when you leave Vault 101 you will now find that the Wasteland may actually feel like a harsh wasteland. My Realism Tweaks is a Fallout 3 overhaul; it makes some rather dramatic changes to the game (changes over 2100 records and includes over 80 custom scripts).Do NOT install this mod unless you want the Wasteland to be a harsher place where you will have to struggle just to survive. If you install my Realism Tweaks, you’ll instantly have a a MUCH more challenging game.

IMPORTANT: This mod was balanced for NORMAL Difficulty. Using a Hard or Very Hard difficulty setting will just make the NPCs and Creatures even more difficult to kill (it will take more bullets), and your character will even be easier to kill. My Realism Tweaks already does both, so you will just be multiplying these two things . . . which will likely have negative effects.

The 4 Modules (esps):

The full details on all my changes are listed in the Realism Tweaks section of my FO3 Journal.) Major changes from the default game:

1.) Realism Core (Arwen_Realism_Core.esp):

  • Required Core Module
  • Option Menu: in-game selection of Timescale, Menu Time, and XPR Multiplier; to toggle on/off my Weapon Effects, Visual FX, Perception Based Accuracy, and Fatigue Display, PipBoy Access During Combat; assign new Hotkeys; and to adjust my Crippled Weapon Penalties.
  • Global XPR Multiplier slows down how fast you level up by reducing ALL experience points rewards. Your current total XPR will NOT be reduced, just the amount of points you receive from this point forward (initially set to 20%).
  • Reduced Carrying Capacity and fewer HPs for PC, with stats now a much greater factor (both are further reduced by my Hard-Core module).
  • More immersive and more balanced VATS.
  • Smarter AI: combat with NPCs is now much more challenging, and sneaking is now much more realistic
  • Dynamic Stealth: time of day, weather conditions, interior/exterior cell type, and player’s Sneak skill now all factor into detection. Your PipBoy Light will now make you very visible, and player actions, such as jumping and opening doors, will alert your enemies.
  • Menu Time: the game clock no longer stops while in menus; actors still remain frozen, but the sun will now advance and your Med-Tec Needs will increase. (Default Menu Time is same as your Timescale rate).
  • The Wasteland is now a much less forgiving place. Your character is now weaker and much more vulnerable, and the NPCs are stronger and healthier.
  • No PipBoy Access During Combat (disabled by default): No more combat timeouts to change into better armor, repair weapons, or take a lunch/beverage break; and the default hotkeys (1-8) will no longer work during combat (you can still cycle through your hotkey items with C/X keys, or by user defined hotkeys).
  • Weapon damage is much greater, and weapon skills are now a much greater factor.
  • Crippled Weapon Penalties: When an arm is crippled some types of weapons will no longer be usable and VATS will be disabled.
  • Balances armor/clothing values, weight, damage resistance, and “enchanted” effects. Includes my 1.5X AR global modifier, and helmet AR now equals 25% of total armor AR.
  • More realistic and better balanced explosions, projectiles, grenade physics, and death force effects.
  • Perception Based Accuracy (disabled by default): disables Auto-Aim, with accuracy now based on player’s Perception and Small Guns skill. Affects maximum accuracy (no bullet rise) distance and amount of gun drift. (Do not enable if using other auto-aim fix type mods.)
  • Unique optional immersive Weapon Effects (disabled by default): Gunshot knock downs, Whack and Blast knockouts; fatigue loss is now based on Armor AR.
  • Fatigue Display (disabled by default): pops up whenever fatigue is damaged, and periodically while Fatigue is less than 75%.
  • Dynamic VisualFX (disabled by default): adds visual feedback/penalties when Agility or Perception are damaged.
  • Optional VisionFX (disabled by default): adds a bit of immersion when wearing default sunglasses (reduces the harshness of outdoor lighting) and reading glasses (20 seconds of blurriness and double vision when you first equip). As a bonus, you can now wear eye wear in combination with most default helmets and hats.
  • Enhanced repair lists for both weapons and armor.
  • Changes the localized body damage effects in a way that balances out game play, while making strategic hits more effective.
  • Improvements were made to NPC’s armor and weapons across all levels. Many of your opponents should a be quite a bit more challenging (but I left a few, like Vault 101 Security at default). To keep things balanced, the NPC’s armor (and sometimes their weapon) is now damaged upon their death.

2.) Hard-Core (Arwen_Hard-Core.esp):

  • Optional module, but requires Realism Core module.
  • Expands the difficulty and challenge of the Realism Core module, and your character’s stats will have a much greater impact on your game play.
  • Initial Skill Points: you will now have 5 less points to distribute in your SPECIALs, and will begin your game with about half as many skill points, and your skill points should increase roughly half as fast.
  • When you first install this module, my Hard-Core Quest will be initialized soon after my Realism Core is fully activated. When beginning a new game, or when loading a saved game in which you are still at level 1 or 2, my Hare-Core Quest will reset your number of SPECIAL points to 35; plus you will have to select your tagged skills again (since you may want to reconsider these, after seeing the results of my Skill Points reductions). In a new game, this may be a bit of a pain . . . but this is the only way that I can make this work with older saved games (and with alternate start mods that skip the tutorial).
  • Changes Skill Books and 95% of the default Perks (and adds a few of my own unique perks).
  • Overhauls the Bobbleheads and reduces initial SPECIAL points.
  • Adds Gender bonuses/penalties, including gender-based weapon skill requirements and gender differences for the Strong Back and Life Giver Perks .
  • Much Fewer HPs than with Realism Core, which are also now gender-based [30 less HPs for females, and 45 less HPs for males].
  • Greatly reduced carrying capacity, which are now gender-based [for 1 to 10 STR: females: 45 to 135 lbs; males: 50 to 185 lbs].
  • Decreased spawned loot, and the amount of loot is now based on your Luck stat with each point of Luck increasing the spawn rates by 5% (10 Luck results in +45% chance over 1 Luck).
  • Makes caps, food, weapons, and ammo MUCH less abundant in the Wasteland. But you will now find more ammo on your victims, based on what guns they have, and tougher opponents will have the most ammo to loot.
  • Dynamic Respawn Rates for zones: now range from 24 to 108 hours, based on Timescale setting (default game respawn rate is 72). A 4 Timescale = 36 hour rate (every 1.5 days) and a 12 Timescale = 108 hour rate (every 4.5 days).
  • Bartering was totally rebalanced: the value of all items is half the default value, but merchants will charge LOT more for items, and you’ll get a LOT less for what you trade with them (based on your Bartering skill). Plus merchants will now have much more ammo for sale.
  • Repair has had a major overhaul: items used for repairs will now improve the weapon or armor a bit less, your repair limit is now gender-based (male bonus), and merchants will now be MUCH better at repairing.
  • Outcasts Rewards are now more balanced (you’ll now get less stuff in trade).
  • Intimidation Spell: when a weapon is out and the player is not in combat, their Charisma is reduced by 5 points.

3.) Encumbrance module (Arwen_Encumbrance.esp):

  • Optional module, but requires Realism Core module (balanced to be used with my Hard-Core module, but can be used with just my Realism Core).
  • You now suffer from Strain (similar to fatigue), which increases when walking with more than 100% encumbrance, and whenever you are running (at any encumbrance).
  • Strain is based on game time, so Strain increases faster with faster Timescales.
  • The higher your encumbrance, the shorter distance you will be able to travel, and the more you will hurt yourself if you reach your limit.
  • With an encumbrance of less than 60%, you will be able to run for roughly 24 GAME MINUTES before your Stain reaches 100%, but at 100% encumbrance, you’ll only be able to run for about 5 game minutes.
  • When walking with 110% encumbrance, you will last about 12 game minutes before you need to rest, but with 150% encumbrance, you will need to rest every 3 game minutes.
  • Strain increases faster when you are injured. And jumping and melee attacks (swinging a melee weapon) will both increase Strain.
  • If your Strain exceeds 100% you will collapse, injure yourself, and your unholstered weapon will return to your inventory.
  • Using Jet or Ultra Jet will immediately clear your Strain (reset to 0), which can be a lifesaver during combat.
  • HUD Strain display: movable by holding down the grab key for 2 seconds, and then by using the arrow keys to move it. When your Strain is over 45%, your character will start breathing hard. Your Strain percentage will turn red when your Strain reaches 70% and your character will start breathing harder. At 85% Strain, the text starts flashing, warning that you are near your limit. Note: the Strain meter will not be displayed unless you follow my Stain HUD Setup instructions exactly.
  • Your current Health is factored into your Strain increase rate (25% slower at 100% Health; 50% faster at 25% Health).
  • Strain decreases when you rest (when you stop running, or when you stop walking with over 100% encumbrance), and while you are in menus. How fast your Strain decreases depends on how encumbered you are. Plus your Strain will decrease 60% faster when you are sitting or crouching (non-moving sneak mode).
  • During combat your Strain will only be reduced when you are not moving. And will not be reduced during combat when in menu mode.
  • Dynamic Jump: based on your Agility and Encumbrance. You will not be able to jump when your AGL is really low, when you are over-encumbered, or when a leg is crippled.
  • Dynamic movement speeds: the more you are encumbered, the slower you move. You also gain a running speed bonus when your encumbrance is low, as long as your health is fairly good.
  • Increased Armor Encumbrance: you will now move noticeably slower when wearing heavier armor.
  • My Encumbrance notes are also added to your inventory, for easy reference.

4.) Med-Tec module (Arwen_Med-Tec.esp):

  • This module is a complete Needs/Injuries Mod. It is totally optional, but it does require my Realism Core module and was balanced specifically to be used with my Full Realism Tweaks.
  • My Med-Tec Quest will begin roughly 10 game minutes after you have escaped from Vault 101 (or after you load a post-escape saved game).
  • Med-Tec Scanner tracks 22 stats and expands self-treatment; Quick Scan Hotkey [M] monitors your most vital stats during game play; automatic scan whenever you are injured.
    *** The Injuries Part:
  • Adds Wounds, Burns, Blood Loss, Trauma, and Infections (and their treatment). Injuries are based directly on degree of injury, type of weapon, and Armor Level.
  • Moderate injuries slowly heal, based on your Endurance. Severe injuries require medical treatment, where self-treatments are based on your Medicine skill.
  • Dynamic self healing rate: based on your current Endurance: 5 END results in an average healing rate; 1 END is 40% slower; and 10 END is 50% faster.
  • Your Health slowly Regenerates, but only when your Wound Level is less than 2, and when you are not receiving penalties for being Hungry, Thirsty, or Very Tired (10 Sleep Need).
    Wounds increase in severity up to Level 10, with Moderate Wounds beginning at Level 2 (when your health regen stops), and Severe Wounds beginning at Level 5 (where you suffer from loss of blood). Wounds higher than Level 3 will slowly become infected. Once an infection reaches Level 6, it damages your health, and the only cure requires an injection of Antibiotics.
  • Bleeding is treated using your Med-Tec to apply bandages, or target a Stimpak injection to speed up clotting. A leather belt can be used to temporarily reduce blood flow. Bleeding stops once your Wound Level drops below 5.
  • Blood Level is tracked in units of Blood Lost. If your Blood Lost reaches 8 units (moderate blood loss), your health will begin to deteriorate (the greater you Blood Loss, the faster your health deteriorates). Blood slowly regenerates on its own, but you may need a Blood Transfusion to recover after excessive blood loss.
  • Burns increase in severity up to Level 12, with Severe Burns beginning at Level 8 (Third-Degree Burns).
  • Trauma injuries (bruising and tissue damage) increase in severity up to Level 10, with Severe Trauma beginning at Level 7 (Torso Trauma)
  • Damaged limbs slowly heal, but only if the limb is not crippled (a Medical Brace is then require to heal). Braces can be used multiple times if your medical skills are high enough.
  • Doctors no longer fully heal moderate or severe injuries. What you get for your caps is treatment, not instant health restoration (you will often leave splinted and bandaged).
  • Your personal infirmary can only be used to treat your injuries (and only the same injuries as with the default infirmary).
  • Bandages, Tourniquets, and Splints all have penalties while they are equipped, and are automatically removed when they are no longer needed.
  • Stimpak Animation Effect (with Hotkey): You can still give yourself an injection during combat, but this now happens in real time, while you will be incapacitated for a few seconds. Each injection also damages your Fatigue, messes up your vision, and reduces your Strength.
  • Most other chems were also rebalanced, and medical supplies for doctors and general merchants are restocked daily.
    *** The Needs Part:
  • All your Needs are set to 0 when this module is first installed.
  • Water Need is Dynamic: your basic requirement is 2 ounces/game hour (48 oz./day), but your rate will increase by 50% (3 oz/hr) when you are outdoors in the heat of the day (9am to 6pm, when sunny), and decrease by 50% (1 oz./hr) when you are sleeping . . . unless you are sleeping outdoors, in the heat of the day (2 oz/hr).
  • Most Beverages (and fruit) give you some water benefit (from 1 to 16 ounces of water), with the greatest amounts coming from the purest types of bottled water (which are consumed only half a bottle at a time). Beverages no longer have any Healing effect, and all but Purified Bottled Water contain Rads and will damage your health a bit (a Sanitizer will reduce the Rads a bit).
  • Liquor dehydrates you, and hard liquor now restores your Fatigue (instead of the default Strength boost).
  • Empty water bottles can be refilled, but you can only fill a water bottle when the bottle and the activator water types match. You can still drink from surface water, but cannot fill your water bottles from it. All but Purified Bottled Water contain some radiation and will damage your health a little.
  • Nuka Colas use my Jolt effect to reduce your Sleep Need, but your Need jumps back up when my Jolt effect wears off.
  • Food Need is also Dynamic: your personal Food Need is based on your Permanent Strength and Endurance. An average PC (5 STR, 5 END) requires 9.6 Food Units every 24 game hours (0.4 unit/hour). [A 4 STR, 4 END character requires 8.4 Food/day; a 6 STR, 6 END character requires 10.8 Food/day.]
  • There are 4 Food Levels (displayed with the food item in your PipBoy): Food1 (Snack Food, 0.6 Food Units); Food2 (Light Meal, 2 Units); Food3 (Normal Meal, 3.0 Units); Food4 (Heavy Meal, 4.0 Units). Food no longer has any healing effect, and most contains Rads (the exceptions are Fresh Fruit and Vegetables). A Sanitizer will reduce the Rads a bit. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables will reduce your Rad Damage by 10 points, and some types of Red Meat will reduce your Blood Loss.
  • Eating causes your Digestion Level to increase (will slowly decrease when you are not eating). Eating when you are not hungry makes you sick, gaining no benefit from the food. But your Digestion Level will still increase a bit (because you now have indigestion).
  • When your RADS are 100 or higher, your Radiation Level (displayed in Scanner) will increase while you are digesting food; and will slowly decrease once your Digestive Level returns to 0, or whenever your RADS drop below 100. You get Radiation Sickness when your Radiation Level reaches 5, and you no longer gain any benefit from eating or drinking (you will just get sick). Radiation Sickness lasts until your Radiation Level drops back down below 5.
  • Sleep Need: You require 1 hour of Sleep for every 2 hours that you are awake. When your Sleep Need is 0, you won’t need to sleep for 16 hours before you become Sleepy; after 20 hours you’ll be Very Tired; after 24 hours you’ll be Exhausted; after 32 hours you’ll be Delirious. A one-hour nap will no longer fully healed you, but you will slowly heal while you are sleeping, at exactly the same rate as when you are awake (and with the same restrictions). You cannot sleep when you have excessive bleeding; you cannot take a nap until your Sleep Need is greater than 1 hour; and the longest you can sleep is the amount of your Sleep Need (rounded up).
    ***[Med-Tec Options menu]:
  • Pause/Resume the injuries and needs (before and after entering simulators).
  • Prepare to uninstall; Restart the Med-Tec Quest; Change the Med-Tec Scan hotkey; change the Stimpak Injection hotkey.
  • More details on this module, including all the applied penalties, are posted on my Fallout 3 website <… >[/spoiler]

Mise à jour du mod Arwen pour Fallout 3 (la version New Vegas suivra.
[spoiler]Major Changes in Version 6.2: Overall Changes:

  • This is a MAJOR update . . . even though v.6.0 was suppose to be my last major update.
  • If you are upgrading from v.6.0 or later, you should be fine just uninstalling my Realism Tweaks (with FOMM’s Package manager) and then immediately install v.6.2. If you are updating from earlier versions, you need to follow my install instructions exactly.
  • Updated my “Realism Tweaks User Guide” Word doc to version 6.2.
    Realism Core module:
  • (Damage) Skill Bonus modified: now a bit more damage at lower skills (than previous versions). For example: at 10 Small Guns, a gun now will do the same DAM that this exact same weapon would do at 100 Small Guns in the default game. At 100 SG, it will now do 3 times the default DAM.
  • Adjusted some of my damage and spread settings for a number of guns.
  • Whack Weapon Effect is now better balanced in fatigue damage.
  • Improved my optional Perception-Based Accuracy: This now finally works correctly! When enabled, disables the default Auto Aim and your current Perception affects your sight drift (how steady you can aim), along with your weapon Skill Level. Plus your Perception now affects your ability to hit targets over longer distances (way further than in the default game).
  • Reduced spread penalty for walking or running while shooting by 50% of my previous version. And reduced spread penalty bonus by 5% for shooting while crouching. [Both are still higher than default.]
  • Dismember Chance added to my Option Menu (under Combat Settings): You can now toggle between my mod’s previous 5% chance (my default setting), and a 50% (the default game’s setting).
    Hard-Core module:
  • Gender Quest Script: health points are now reduced 10 points less for PC, across all Endurance amounts, for both genders.
    Encumbrance module:
  • Leg damage is now factored into your Running Speed. But (unless player has a crippled leg) running speed will never be lower than 64% of default running speed (less slow-motion running appearance than in current version).
  • No FastRun when either leg is crippled, and running while both legs are crippled will rapidly damage your fatigue.
    Med-Tec module:
  • Optimized and modified my Health Regen ? now integrated with Health Damage (such as from lack of sleep, food, water). The regen rate is now much more dynamic than in previous versions, and better balanced.
  • Regeneration Limit: Your Health now stops Regenerating when your Wound Level is 2 or greater, or when you are Very Thirsty (Water Need 24), or Famished (Food Need 9), or Exhausted (Sleep Need 12). [Was WL < 2, WN < 14, FN < 6, SN < 10.] But, the closer any of your Needs are to the Regeneration Limit, the slower your Health regens.
  • New Sleep Penalty: Health Regen rate and the healing rate of your injuries are now both slower while you sleep. Plus your digestion rate now slows down during sleep.
  • Purified Bottled Water now restores some Health; but only when you have less than 50 HP (the lower your Health, the more it heals), and only if your Water Need > 0 [when your Water Need < 8 oz, the amount you are healed is proportional to your Water Need].
  • Your Med-Tec Radiation Level now increases 20% slower, and decreases 50% faster. This should reduce the chances of getting Radiation Sickness (but you still need to monitor your Radiation Levels, and use your Med-Tec scanner when you take RadAway).
  • Bandages now take 50% less time to stop your bleeding (when a bandage reduces your Wound Level below 5).
  • Badly Infected Wounds now take 50% less time to become uninfected (once the Infection Level is below Level 6).
  • Reduced the amount of HP damage from Blood Loss (slower HP damage).
  • Adjusted many of my Injury/Needs Penalties so that multiple penalties (like bleeding and being hungry) will mesh better, and some are now dynamic in the degree that is applied. The penalties are still rather harsh, but you should now be able to survive longer from their effects. Jump to the penalty details.
  • Injuries from Cutting Weapons now increase your Wound Level a bit less, while Bullets now increase your Wound Level more.
  • New Butcher script (makes meat less easy to come by): You can only butcher an animal/creature (access their inventory) if you equip one of the following specific knives: Knife, Ant’s Sting (unique Knife), Combat Knife, or Occam’s Razor (unique Combat Knife). Dead animals will now only have usable meat for 6 hours after they are killed (unfortunately this does not seem to affect ones that were dead before you entered that cell). Also, you can only now remove meat from animals if you have less than 4 chunks of raw meat in your inventory.
  • New Limit script (works with Butcher script): You only have room to carry 4 chunks of raw meat. This also applies to meat in loot containers (and even if you purchase the meat from a trader).
  • Boiling Water (on Fire Starter campfire): Two 12 oz bottles of Good Water now yields one 16 oz bottle of Purified Water. When you use two bottles of water to purify into one bottle of better water, you now get one empty water bottle (of the original type).
  • Cooking: If you are in combat when your item has finished cooking, you will not receive a message until you are no longer in combat.
  • Reduced the sound level of the Fire Starter burning campfire.
  • Reduced the amount of Dehydration for Alcoholic Drinks. Also adjusted their Fatigue reduction.
  • My animated stimpak injection now includes a visible stimpak. Now, if you are in 1st person, your view switches to 3rd person when you inject a stimpak (just like this was done with my bandage script, and with my morphine, and antibiotic injections).
  • In the Treat Wounds and Treat Trauma menus (in Med-Tec scanner), the number of Stimpaks in your inventory is now given.
    One Life module:
  • Overhauled all three of my main One Life scripts to improve the way that One Life “death” and revive works.
  • New Image Space Modifier applied on “death,” makes it difficult to tell where you will be revived, and messes up your vision for a while after you come to.
  • Added interior Revive Points (which are totally separate from exterior points). Formerly, when your were “killed” in an interior cell, you always came to in the exact location that you “died” in. Now you come to at the location of the last interior revival point.
  • Generally you will now revive in worse shape than in previous versions (your health and injuries will now be much closer to your pre-death condition). But your injuries will be reduced somewhat if they were too severe (intent is to give you a decent chance of surviving, while retaining most of your pre-death injuries).
  • Your revival will be delayed a bit if enemies are detected at your Revival Point. This just gives them a bit more time to move away (but it does not guarantee they will not be there).
    RH IronSights Patches (new in v.6.2):
  • Added patches that are now needed for the latest version of RH IronSights (regular and GOTH versions).
    EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced Patch:
  • Fixed and updated to the latest version of EVE.
    Marts Mutant Mod Compatibility Patches:
  • MMM/Med-Tec Patch: Completely redone for v.6.2. Adds MMM meats to hunger-reducing food items (Food values adjusted). Now adds the ability to cook MMM meat on your campfire, and includes all my other Med-Tec food balances. Also reduces the walking sounds of the iguanas.
    Brahmin Dairy Products/Med-Tec Patch:
  • Fixed (this somehow became broken in my uploaded version of v.6.1).[/spoiler]

:miam: Dommage que j’ai fini le jeu et je n’ai pas le courage de m’y remettre.

Comme Fallout 4 sort, j’ai profité des soldes pour prendre Fallout 3

Vu que c’est Bethesda, la première question qui me vient à l’esprit est :

C’est quoi les mod pour rendre Fallout 3 plus beau? et les Mod indispensable pour survivre au mode console. :ane:

Et oui c’est du déterrage, mais halloween est passé par là :ane:

Déjà mets le PNO :


Ensuite je n’en sais rien.


Met le mod hôpital.
Il y a plein de quête et surtout l arme la plus puissante du jeu

c’est koi le mod hopital…
Je pose la question car dans 10 à 15 jours, j’aurais fini risen 2 donc fallout me tant les bras…