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Probléme dans fênetre de télèchargement

je n’ai rien ma fênetre de télèchargement pas trés pratique pour savoir ou j’en suis au niveau du temps et surtout si c’est terminer.
je suis sous vista et j’utilise mozilla firefox.

Bonjour, je déplace vers la section software/logicel général. Tu devrais avoir des réponses plus ciblées là bas.
Bonne journée.


Version 0.9.6 - February 12, 2008
(All changes apply to Firefox 3 only. Firefox 2 still uses 0.9.5.* codebase)

Major rewrite to support new download manager database in Firefox 3
Added support for Firefox built-in cross session download resume (download progress is saved even if Firefox is closed)
Added “Visit source website” to context menu of downloads - go quickly to the website where the download originated (not supported for all downloads)
Added tooltip to failed and cancelled downloads, with status indication
Added middle-click on an in-progress download to cancel it
Added integration with Firefox download manager anti-virus check, showing scanning and blocked download states - (this is seperate from the download statusbar command line manual scan)
Added optional buttons to minimode for clearing finished downloads or switching to full mode
Added support for showing unique .exe application icons (instead of just showing generic .exe icon)

Fixed bug where an empty minimode popup would still show after clearing the last download
Fixed that renaming a file to a filename that already exists will delete the existing file with no warning
Fixed problems with addons window donation

voila une extension pour le telechargement

ça change, mais ça marche.