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Nouvelle version de NHC

Pour ceux qui l’utilise ou ceux qui ne le connaiterais pas :

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1.10 News and fixes in the Notebook Hardware Control BETA 01

  • NEW SERVICE (now NHC works on all user accounts at the same time)
  • ADD MONITORING (chart window and data logging on HD)
  • REMOVED the power scheme bug with NHC service (bug: the settings were set to default)
  • SECURETY IMPROVED: on restricted user accounts NHC runs with the restricted user privileges
  • (with RunAs NHC was running with admin rights and this was a security hole)
  • add Voltage Control for Pentium 4 (mobile and desktop)
  • add NHC Messages (possibility the send messages to NHC).
  • add ASUS / SAMSUNG HotKey Control
  • add Power Scheme Control (with service also available on restricted user accounts)
  • add the possibility to show the HD temperature in the system tray
  • add ATI Powerplay support, improved the ATI Clock Control
  • add HD Standby Time
  • improved the CPU clock detection
  • fixed a lot of bugs and problems
  • Todo: finish the nvidia support, finish the acpi fan control, add AMD and Intel Core Duo support,
  • expand FAQ, Help and webpage, add events in nhc and improve/add tray icon options.
  • (10.02.2006)

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