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qu’est que c’est que ce message!???

"Dearest One,

I am Mr DIVINE UDO from war ravaged SIERRA LEONE but presently domiciled in Abidjan Ivory coast. My father MATHEW UDO who before his untimely assassination by the rebels was the Director of SIERRA LEONE Diamond corporation (SLDC). He was killed in our government residential house along side two of my other brothers, two house maids and one government attached security guard fortunately for I, younger sister and mother,we were on a week end visit to our home town As we got the news of the tragedy. We immediately managed to ran into neighbouring Ivory coast for refuge.

But unfortunately. As Fate would have it,we lost our dear mother (may soul rest in peace) as a result of what the Doctor called cardiac arrest.

As we were coming into this country ,i had some documents of a deposit of $ 10,500.000 USD (Ten Eight million Five hundred thousand USD ) made by my late father in a Finance House . According to my father, He said that he deposited One Trunk Box in a Security Company in EUROPE and declare it as family Valuable, He intended to use this fund for his international business transaction after his tenure in office but was unfortunately murdered.

I had located the security company on Europe where the money is deposited and established ownership. please right now, with the bitter experiences we had in our country and the war still going on especially in diamond area which incidentally is where we hail from .Coupled with the incessant political upheavals and hostilities in this country Ivory coast, I desire seriously to leave here and live the rest of my life into a more peaceful and politically stable country like yours Hence this proposal and request.

I therefore wish you can help me in the following regards :

1)To help me invest the money into a lucrative business .
2) To assist me get a college admission to further my education.

Please I know that,this letter may sound strange and incredible to you but the CNN and the BBC African bulletin normally have it as their major news features .Therefore for the sake of God and humanity give an immediate positive consideration and reply to me via my e-mail address. I will willingly agree to any suitable percentage of the money you will propose as your compensation for your assistance with regards to the above .please in view of our sensitive refugee status and as we are still conscious of our father’s enemies. I would like you to give this a highly confidential approach .

Thanks for your kind Attention and and mutual understanding.

Best Regards.
please contact though my pravit E-mail
Mr Divine Udo "
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Spam dédoublé d’un scam (arnaque), à ignorer…

je m’en doutais un peu mais c’est quand meme bizarre que je recoive un spam sur clubic lol merci quand meme pour la confirmation :wink: