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Internet advertising

Hello, I created a job site that I launch very soon. So I opened my business and I crossed my fingers to make it work. But there are 2-3 things I did not understand about advertising. I do not quite understand the terms “Advertising” “Affiliation” etc etc.

I can not find a tutorial somewhere that explains everything well? Because it’s very fuzzy …

I made a Google Adsense account, I understand the difference between Adsense, and Adwords:
-Adsense => show ads and targeted ads on its site, earn sub

  • Adwords => advertise and promote its site, and it pays

So I’m looking for something like Adsense, but I do not know where to look, I do not know which are the best etc, so if someone knows a little, can he help me?

I remember that I do not know much, so thank you for supporting me

Thank you, bye!

Hi tuanbusku,
Clubic is a french forum, please write in french language
Thank you