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Installation impossible de FEAR 2

Bonjour tous le monde,

J’ai un souci, je ne peux pas installer FEAR2 sur mon PC :

OS: Windows 7 edition familiale premium
processeur :AMD athlon dual core processor 4450e 2.30GHz
memoire : 4 Go
type du système : système d’exploitation 64 bits

carte graphique : NVIDIA GeForce 9500GS

Merci de vos réponses…

Tu pourrais être plus précis ? Il se passe quoi ? Pourquoi tu ne peux pas ?
Error ? Message ?


Le message est le suivant: “” Steam.exe ( main exeption) : ERROR: delete of steam.exe failed, Wind32 Error 5
" Acceès refusé"

     [u]Pour info, les majuscules ont étés respectées.

Merci ![/u]:)

Dis moi si cela a marché :slight_smile:

rXp bonsoir,

Tous va bien jusqu’au " 27% " et de nouveau le message : Steam.exe ( main exeption) : ERROR: delete of steam.exe failed, Wind32 Error 5
" Acceès refusé" “”

voilà donc…

c’est une erreur connue chez steam, voilà la réponse…en anglais:

Delete of steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 Access is denied
Steam fails to install or update and returns the error Steam.exe (Main Exception): ERROR: delete of steam.exe failed,Win32 Error 5 ‘Access is denied’ or Steam.exe (main exception): ERROR: deleted Steam.exe but the file is still there - what should I do?

Steam attempts to update but repeatedly progresses to 27% then restarts the update, or stalls at 27%.

Answer R2PONSE:
This error is caused by a lack of user permissions, having the Steam.exe file attributes set to “Read Only”, or by another program interfering with Steam’s installation process (if the Steam client application has been updated to a version which was not included with your Steam installer package, Steam will download a new copy of itself and then delete the old Steam.exe file unless another program interferes).

Check your Windows user permissions
Please ensure that you are logged in as an administrator on the machine which you are using to install Steam.

Check file attributes
Right-click on the Steam.exe file which was created after running the Steam Installer and select Properties
Uncheck the Read-only checkbox if it is checked and hit Apply before closing the window
Try running the Steam.exe file once more
Check your security software’s settings
If you are running an antivirus program, firewall program, or any security product which may be interfering with the deletion and replacement of the Steam.exe file (some security software will check a file’s information every time it is changed and block automatic replacement of files) please check your settings for the program and make sure that you are prompted to allow activities which may trigger the security software.

Disable any programs which interfere with Steam
Please consult the topic linked below and make sure any programs on the list are either disabled or uninstalled:
Programs Which Interfere with Steam: (DESACTIVE LES PROGRAMMES SUIVANT SI TU LES AS:Avast!
AVG Anti-virus *
Kaspersky Anti-virus
McAfee Anti-virus
Nod32 Anti-virus *
Norton/Symantec Anti-virus
Trend Micro
VIGuard Anti-virus
Anti-Spyware Applications

Ad Aware
CA Pest Patrol
Spybot Search & Destroy
Spycatcher Express
Webroot Spy Sweeper *
Firewall/Security Applications

ESET Smart Security
McAfee Personal Firewall
Nvidia Network Access Manager/Firewall *
Nvidia ForceWare Intelligent Application Manager
Peer Guardian
Tiny Personal Firewall
Verizon Internet Security Suite
Zone Alarm
Other Applications

Alcohol 120%
AOLacsd.exe (AOL connection driver)
ATI Hotkey Poller
BitTorrent/UTorrent (all clients)
Catalyst AI
Daemon Tools
Download Accelerators (all clients)
Garfield Daily Desktop Comic
GhostSurf 2007
Google Toolbar, Google Updater
K-Lite Codec Pack
LimeWire, BearShare or other Peer 2 Peer applications
nProtect GameGuard *
Slysoft AnyDVD
TeamSpeak (can lead to mic issues)
Total Recorder
Tuneup WinStyler Theme Service
UPEK Protector Suite
Ventrilo (can lead to mic issues)
VirtuaGirl 2

Remove Spyware, Adware, and Viruses
If the issue persists it is possible that a virus, adware, or spyware may be interfering with the installation process. Please see the topic linked below for instructions to remove the offending program:
Spyware, Adware, and Viruses Interfering with Steam
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