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Can't install Windows XP SP1

Setup cannot continue because the version of Windows on your computer is newer than the version on the CD.
This is the message i get.
Probably i need to uninstall my SP2 on my current Windows but i can’t see it in Add or Remove Programs. I can’t boot it. I tryed bios tricks.
How to remove my SP2 or how to install Windows xp SP1 ?

You can’t uninstall SP2 !

But why do you want to uninstall SP2 ? It’s a good Service Pack !!!!!
Which part of it dislike you ? Security Center ? Firewall ?

PS : It’s a french forum ! :ane:

I want to uninstall SP2 cause i can’t install new Windows with SP1 only. i get this message

You want to make a new install of Windows ?
In this case, boot on this CD ! :smiley:

You will lost all your data !

Or what else ?

If you want to repair your current OS, download the SP2 from, make a slipstream SPA CD and use it to repair your system.

If you prefer a fresh installation, boot from your CD (you’ll need to adjust the BIOS beforehand) and launch the procedure from there. You can’t begin a fresh install from your current Windows.

In the latter case, you’ll have to reinstall all your programs and reconfigure your personal settings.