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Ajouter des petites notes a sur des pages web que je peux aussi sauvegarder

Salut à tous,
voilà, je cherche un logiciel qui me donne la possibilité d’ajouter des notes sur des pages d’internet, et que je peux retrouver en les rouvrant.
Comme certain widjet permettant d’ajouter des post it sur le bureau.

Merci d’avance.


Je suis à la recherche du même outil. Est-ce que tu as trouvé quelque chose répondant à ta problématique ?

Consider the following two situations where a local offline copy of websites may come handy:

Situation A: You are travelling in a taxi or an airplane where you have access to a reading device (like a laptop computer or your mobile phone) but no Internet connection.
Situation B: You have just checked into a modern hotel where there is WiFi (or an Ethernet port) available in your room but the problem is access cost ? it’s way too expensive as the hotel charges you per minute.
In the first case, you may want to download a copy of all material that you want to read before embarking on the journey while in the latter case, the aim should be to download web pages and blogs as quickly as possible to save on Wifi access costs.

Store Web Pages for Offline Viewing:
If you have Google Desktop running in the background, you already have a local copy of all web pages that you have recently opened / read in any browser on your computer. You can click “Browse Timeline” inside Google Desktop and your web history will be listed in reverse chronological order ? the most recently visited websites will be listed at the top.

The problem with web history in Google Desktop is that it can get cluttered too easily and finding relevant pages from the history may require some effort. In that case you may install Scrapbook for Firefox and only save relevant web pages that you intend to read in an offline environment.

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